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Is it Safe & Legal to Watch Pokemon in

    Yes, it is safe as well as legal for viewers to watch Pokemon in PokeStream. It is totally safe here as we don’t need and don’t store any of your info on our servers.

Can I download Pokemon from

    Yes, absolutely! Every Pokemon Series/Movies/Specials can be downloaded from PokeStream in best quality possible.

I couldn’t find the Download button for certain Pokemon episodes. Please help me.

    There are mainly 2 to 3 ways to download Pokemon from our site. Here are few examples of it.

    1) You can download most of the episodes through this way. The Download Box Section is located just below the video player. Choose the server you want to download and you can download it from there.

    2) This is the simplest way to download and is available (getting replaced by “1”) for each and every episodes there is in our website. Just click the episode you want to download, and see below the player, there is a download button, just click it!

    3) You can scroll down from the video player of which episode you are trying to download. There you could find this section, where you can easily choose the video quality and click on download! Sadly, they are only available for few pokemon series.(Getting replaced by “1”)

Some Episodes takes too long to load or buffers a lot. What can I do?

    This usually happens when the video server you are currently using is overloaded or the files are missing. Don’t worry, there are other video servers provided for each and every episodes, you could easily change them from below the player, and be aware, VidStream server has extreme ads(not suitable for children), so only use that server if none of the others are working which rarely happens.

How can I view my bookmarks and edit it?

    Currently, there are two ways to view bookmarks in our site.

    1) Click on the 3 bars button at the very top. And click on ‘Bookmarks’ to view and edit your bookmarks.

    2) Just Scroll down to very bottom of our site. You would see ‘Bookmarks’ option at the bottom(footer). Just Click there to view and edit your bookmarks.